Grate fixings

Steel floor gratings are a supporting element of steel structures. They are used in construction, industry or energy, especially on the floors of platforms and footbridges. They are placed on a load-bearing structure consisting mainly of steel load-bearing profiles. Fixing the gratings to the supporting structure is necessary for structural and safety reasons in order to prevent external effects, i. e. loading of the grate by vibrations of the structure, thermal expansion etc. there were no displacements of the grate on the beams or fall of the gratings between the beams of the structure.

Spring fixings

The method of flexible fastening of steel floor gratings on beams of steel structures is based on the use of compressive forces of anchoring and connecting shaped springs KTP and STP. This system replaces the method of fixing the gratings to the beams of the steel structure using standard clamps based on the principle of lever and screw connection, while they can be combined or supplemented together. A great advantage over standard terminals is the increased resistance of anchored gratings to the effects of vibration and the effects of thermal expansion.

Shaped anchor springs (KTP) enable flexible anchoring of gratings to beams of steel construction, while connecting form springs (STP) are intended for flexible connection of two floor gratings placed next to each other. Fastening of gratings with this system is structurally solved for the most frequently used types of "SP" and "P" gratings, t. j. for gratings with a nominal mesh size of 30/30 mm, resp. 34x38 mm, carrier strip heights from 25 mm to 40 mm, carrier strip thicknesses from 2 mm to 5 mm.

Shaped anchor springs (KTP) are spatial form springs, enabling the anchoring of a steel floor grate to the flange of a steel structure beam. They are made of steel spring wire of circular cross-section with a diameter of 4 mm with a zinc surface treatment or of spring wire of stainless steel.

Connecting shaped anchor springs (STP) are spatial form springs intended for the mutual connection of two floor gratings placed next to each other with a nominal mesh size of 30/30 mm, or 34x38 mm. As with KTP, STPs are not suitable for grates with anti-slip treatment of load-bearing strips.