Floor gratings form the basic structural elements of work platforms and communication routes in building structures and technological equipment. We are happy to produce gratings for you in various material designs and for all purposes of use - welded SP gratings, pressed P gratings, anti-slip gratings, plastic gratings, as well as various more special gratings.

Anti-slip grates

They reduce the risk of injury and slipping (grease, oil, water, ice, dust, vegetable waste). The specifications of the anti-slip gratings (mesh size, bearing bar thickness, weight, etc.) remain unchanged, as with non-slip steel gratings. Load characteristics (max. Load capacity and weight) are lower by approx. 3%. The designation of the grates is XSP, XP, 2XP.

P1 XP anti-slip grates
Serration only bearing bar

P2 XP anti-slip grates
Serration only non-bearing tapes

XSP anti-slip grates
Serration only bearing bar

Anti-slip grates 2XP
Serration on bearing bar and non-bearing bar