Floor steel gratings form the basic structural elements of work platforms and communication routes in building structures and technological equipment. We are happy to produce gratings for you in various material designs and for all purposes of use - welded SP gratings, pressed P gratings, anti-slip gratings, plastic gratings, as well as various more special gratings.

Special gratings

Special grates include products that we produce for customers with special requirements. These include, for example, heavy-duty gratings, teardrop gratings, expanded metal gratings or other types of gratings that are often very atypical. If you did not find your request in this section, contact us, the world of grates offers almost unlimited possibilities - and we know really everything about them.

Heavy-duty gratings are designed for industrial rolling loads. They are robust, durable, strong and safe. They are mainly used to cover canals and platforms where vehicles and mechanisms of all kinds move - from cars to forklifts. We make them to measure in various shapes and sizes. According to the requirements, we produce them in SP as well as in P design with or without anti-slip treatment. Production technology limits the maximum size of the bearing bar:

  • for SP gratings up to a bearing bar size of 80 × 5 mm
  • pressed P gratings can be produced up to the dimensions of the bearing bar 120 × 10 mm. Heavy grates for trucks to heavy trucks.

The dimensioning of heavy-duty gratings is governed by DIN 1055/1072. Furthermore, when dimensioning heavy gratings, we must take into account the dynamic effects of forces. For example, if there are elements in the grate carriageway that are particularly stressed by the effects of braking forces (eg level crossings), the relevant wheel pressures of the vehicles must be multiplied by a factor of 1.3. The parameters for dimensioning SP gratings with a 34.3 × 38.1 mesh are in this table.

Combined gratings are the use of the best properties of the grate and tear plate, which is welded directly to the grate. This innovative and highly durable product, which forms a stable and safe part of steel structures and prevents small parts from falling through the grate mesh, has a high load capacity in itself. The most common use is in industry and energy, it is designed for work and assembly platforms, podiums or ramps. Can be used for both SP and P gratings.

Gratings with expanded metal are the optimal solution where it is necessary to ensure airiness, aesthetics and permeability of the surface and at the same time use the dense structure of expanded metal, which prevents small parts from falling through the grate eyes. The expanded metal is welded to the top of the grate.