Floor steel gratings form the basic structural elements of work platforms and communication routes in building structures and technological equipment. We are happy to produce gratings for you in various material designs and for all purposes of use - welded SP gratings, pressed P gratings, anti-slip gratings, plastic gratings, as well as various more special gratings.

Welded SP gratings

Welded (SP) steel grates - according to DIN 24537 - are structural elements which, due to their strength and high load-bearing capacity with relatively low weight and easy installation, belong to the most popular type of all available grate types. They form a group of very stable and at the same time visually attractive elements of various projects. During their production, non-load-bearing steel wires are resistively welded to the grate load-bearing strips under a pressure of 1000 kN and an electric current of 2000 kVA. The grating can be hot-dip galvanized or use various other finishes to meet the requirements of the project. We produce them in standard dimensions or exactly to your requirements.

Surface treatment: hot-dip zinc galvanised, coloring, without surface treatment.
Material: steel

Construction of welded floor steel gratings - type SP

SP type steel floor grates are made of three main elements:

1. bearing bar, which is:

a) flat steel with the most frequently used dimensions (height x thickness) 30 x 2 mm, 30 x 3 mm. In addition to these, other basic dimensions are produced according to the following table:

tape thickness 2 mm | 25 x 2 | 30 x 2 | 40 x 2 | 50 x 2 |
tape thickness 3 mm | 25 x 3 | 30 x 3 | 40 x 3 | 50 x 3 | 60 x 3
tape thickness 4 mm | 25 x 4 | 30 x 4 | 40 x 4 | 50 x 4 | 60 x 4 | 70 x 4
tape thickness 5 mm | 25 x 5 | 30 x 5 | 40 x 5 | 50 x 5 | 60 x 5 | 70 x 5 | 80 x 5

b) flat steel in anti-slip design on the bearing bar (see Anti-slip gratings), is used in places where there is a risk of injury due to slipping, icing, oils, etc.

2. non-bearing steel wire with a diameter of 4.8 mm

3. edging tape / profile, which is standard with the dimensions of the bearing bar. There is also the possibility of a different size and profile by mutual agreement with our employees.

Condition for production of SP grates > 1000 mm

Gratings with a non-bearing width > 1000 mm are made of two gratings. When designing platforms and footbridges from "SP" gratings, it is recommended to design a non-load-bearing grate width of 1000 mm according to the example shown in the figure below. Gratings with a non-bearing width of 1000 mm are usually cheaper and can be delivered in a shorter period of time.



Welded SP gratings
Pressed P gratings