Floor steel gratings form the basic structural elements of work platforms and communication routes in building structures and technological equipment. We are happy to produce gratings for you in various material designs and for all purposes of use - welded SP gratings, pressed P gratings, anti-slip gratings, plastic gratings, as well as various more special gratings.

Plastic gratings – Fiberglas gratings (GFK)

Plastic gratings are created by combining glass fiber and resin, then heat-cured.


  • corrosion resistance
  • flame retardancy and non-toxic smoke generation
  • non-conductivity, are not magnetic and no sparks can occur
  • resistance to certain concentrations of chemicals and salt water
  • electrical and thermal insulation effect
  • load capacity in both directions
  • long service life
  • easy operation and maintenance
  • anti - slip
  • low weight
  • color fastness
  • easy installation
  • different color variations

Their unique properties are best used in the chemical, oil, food and agricultural industries for floors, platforms, sidewalks, assembly lines, stairs, bridges, ramps, excavation covers and gutters. Plastic GFK gratings are not suitable for fire escape routes.


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