Grate fixings

Steel floor gratings are a supporting element of steel structures. They are used in construction, industry or energy, especially on the floors of platforms and footbridges. They are placed on a load-bearing structure consisting mainly of steel load-bearing profiles. Fixing the gratings to the supporting structure is necessary for structural and safety reasons in order to prevent external effects, i. e. loading of the grate by vibrations of the structure, thermal expansion etc. there were no displacements of the grate on the beams or fall of the gratings between the beams of the structure.

Standard fixings

Standard clamps are suitable for fixing forge-welded (SP) and pressure-locked (P) steel floor gratings with a mesh size of 30 × 30 mm to the beam flanges. All parts of grate fixing are hot-dip galvanized according to DIN 50976. You can choose the types of upper and lower parts according to your requirements.

Upper parts

Lower parts

Double clamp fixings
Double clamps allow the connection of two adjacent gratings in places where there are possible deflections. They are mainly used where there are cutouts of larger dimensions and where there is no possibility of another anchoring method.

Special fixing

Standard fixings elements
Spring fixings elements